Day 1 – Recap

Well it’s almost 6pm and day 1 of treatment is over. Had no idea what to expect. I don’t have much experience with cancer or people getting sick. Really blessed that way.

The people at the hospital were very gentle and sweet. Took the time to explain to me and Jess what was going on and how this process would go. I was just amazed at what those folks do each and every day. I know I’m a big deal but those people are the heros of our world. At least the world Jess and I are living today.

Per usual, Jess was so strong, so stubborn (in a good way). What you people (who don’t know her) have no idea about is how strong she is. Yes she is smart, yes she is beautiful, yes she is a great Mom, but her best quality is how tough and sweet she is all in the same breath. I’ve met a ton of people. Some were tough, but not too sweet. Some were sweet but not so tough. It’s such a rare combo.

She will beat this, like she has come back from every other circus in her life.

So as we finish day 1 of treatment I’m headed out. Need to get some supplies for the weekend.


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