Saturday, August 24th – 9:15pm

Hello everyone. This will be the last post of our day. Jess is asleep. I’m just watching a movie and gonna post on the blog so when she wakes up she can be embarrassed by my post. I do live for the little things.

She really wants to keep track of all this. A scrapbook of all that she is going through and what our life is like.

Jess’ Dad and Michelle brought the kids back around 5 or so. They took them for the last two night and to the zoo today. When they got back it was clear everyone would sleep well tonight.

Bob and Michelle are so sweet and genuine. They are such down to earth people. I can see how Jess turned out so normal. Bubby, Josh and Sammi (sort of, lol) too. Such a beautiful family.

And most of you know I think all women are freaks. I have four of them who I would take a bullet for these days so I’m fairly certain I know what I’m talking about. Lol

Jess finally got some soup in her. Chicken noodle. She likes it really hot so if anyone puts ice in it to cool it down, you will be yelled at to never do that again. Ok. Duly noted

I could tell having the girls here made Jess feel better. There is something about being with your kids that no matter what, just makes a Mom and/or Dad feel better. Funny thing is its probably the one item Jess and I are 100% on the same page about. Our kids are our lives.

We have had some things happen to us which we would rather not go through again, but deep down it doesn’t matter. Our kids and getting them what they need and when they need it, that’s all that matters. Probably why we fell for each other so quick. It was easy to hear each other talk about what we wanted out of this life and how no matter what we did, the kids came 1st.

Ah who am I kidding. Jess saw me at Nellos and ran over to me like a hobo gets after a ham sandwich. I think I still have the scratch marks where she clawed into me. (Yes, I’m gonna catch a ton of heat for that one!) What can I say, truth sucks sometimes. Sorry Jess!

I digress..

Even with the cancer, she still got up and helped the girls shower and went through the 45 minute circus they do each night. Yelling, screaming, heated milk, snack, missing binki’s, what PJ’s to wear. Yeah, I need a drink shortly after the girls go down. It’s not a shocker why!!

Joking aside its the only time I’m jealous of Jess and her girls. She gets to put those girls down every night. With a kiss, a hug and that warm feeling that they will all wake up tomorrow together. Only part of my changed life I will never get over. I only get my kids 1/3 of the month. Jess probably doesn’t realize that watching her put her kids to bed each night allows me to remember how awesome it was when my kids were little. I won’t ever be the Dad of those little girls but its so awesome to watch them grow and help take care of them whenever Jess needs me to.

So great to see Jess peaceful and sleeping. Happy she is getting some rest.

Sunday I will get some shopping done. Jess is hoping she feels better so she can come. It’s a Market Basket / Shaws circus. We argue over chocolate, cheese and all sorts of fun things. We normally run into people we know. It takes 2 hours to get it done and I love every minute of it. The best ones are when all six of us are there. Those are my favorite. Yes, it gets ugly but that’s our family.

Until tomorrow….we will continue our Journey!

I am left her remembering all the great calls, texts, tweets and Facebook posts from all of Jess’ friends and mine. Incredible the amount of support she has received. Not too surprised really is the damn woman is nearly perfect. If she knew anything about hoop I would swear she was fake. But we all do have our flaws.

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