Sunday, August 25th, 2013 – 12pm

So it’s noon, Jess is getting some much needed rest and the girls went with Auntie Lisa to visit their Dad and have a play date with some friends.

Morning was good. Girls got up happy. Got to hang with their Momma. So cute together. I did the dishes, got the girls ready to go and watched some ESPN.

Jess is very weak and tired today. Body is getting used to the chemo and I’ve never seen her sleep this much. Happy she can rest.

I had a nice chat with Jess’ Mom this am. Gave her the update and perhaps we will see her later today. Debbie and Bill live in Bellingham. Very sweet people.

I’m headed out for a bit. Let Jess get some rest so I can get some shopping done.

Back later!

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