Monday, August 26th, 2013 – 2:15am

Early morning fireworks..

You didn’t think we would sleep through the night did you? Ha

I have always referred to us as the Circus Six. Jess has her and her girls and me with my two kids. Mini Brady Bunch if you will. We always have something. Some mini drama. Some circus. It’s awesome. Family. Not always fun to deal with but I love the look back and love to say “hey, who cares, that’s us!”

Well, 2am wake up call by Izzy. Little throw up. Not much. Just enough to have an early shower and she gets to sleep with Momma while I get pushed to the next bedroom. Oh yeah, lots of fun we are having in Ashland. Ha!

Izzy is the 3 year old. “The Beast” as we call her. A tad taller than her sister and probably has 10 lbs on her. Did I mention Izzy is a year and a half younger than Hannah. Izzy is just the most caring kid, she can tell Mommy isn’t well. Keeps asking when Mommy will be better. This “Scott being in charge” is not going over too well.

With that said, don’t cross Izzy or make her mad. She will not be happy and will push, bite, kick and punch to handle her business. Kid is the real deal my friends.

The point of this post is how amazing Jess is. She feels like absolutely crap. Most likely you can take your worse day in the last six months and triple it. Her head hurts, body is just aching with the chemo attacking this damn cancer and she just pops up to be right there for her little girl. Held her hair, calmed her down and did the play by play while I fumbled around in the dark.

She is just the most amazing Mom and person I know. I’m super sensitive to parents. Always have been. Probably all the coaching I have done and its just radar I’ve developed over the years. That and probably being an over protective Dad. Not a good combo. Seen some who don’t “get it” so the ones who do really amaze me.

I do admit, most of you ladies would absolutely pop up to do this for your kids. I’ve always been amazed by that point. But with her being this sick. It’s just amazing.

For the record I did the shower, cleared the bed and cleaned out the throw up bucket. Got Jess some fresh water and a Tylenol. I was waiting for someone to hand me an award like the VMA’s but nothing. Probably should have worn my Miley Cyrus outfit but as no one can even handle my socks and sandals, perhaps that wouldn’t be a good look either.

When do I get to be called Nurse Leip? I’ve had so many women call me Doctor, so maybe I will stick with that.

Serious update – all 3 girls are sleeping. Time to get some rest.

Night everyone. Loves!


One thought on “Monday, August 26th, 2013 – 2:15am

  1. oh boy, I’m going to have nightmares about you in your Miley outfit………….. actually, you might look better in it 😉

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