Sunday, August 25th, 2013 – 8:30pm

Well it’s Sunday night and we are winding down another day. Not much to report but I will do my best to capture the days events.

Girls went with Auntie Lisa to see Izzy and Hannah’s Dad then Auntie took them for a play date. Auntie Lisa is a wonderful person and while I don’t know her too well, I can tell you Jess adores her, her friendship and how she has come to count on her. Oh and the girls think she can do no wrong. Isn’t it funny how kids know the good people from the not so good? Amazes me how smart all kids are.

They got back around 5. Had a great time. Lisa was so sweet to bring back dinner and two very tired little girls.

I was home until 12. Got most of the house chores done. Went to the mall to get my Courtney a replacement IPhone, then went to Market Basket to get the shopping done. Real benefit of my divorce. Where I was clueless on most things “domestic”, I’m now a monster on anything like that. I can cook, clean, shop. Oh and I work full time and run a youth basketball program on the side. Come to think of it, Jess has hit the jackpot!! Funny how I don’t think she sees if that way. Sorry. I just can’t help myself! Lmao!!!

Jess’ day was uneventful. She has slept most of the day and hasn’t done much. She has taken her meds and even gave herself a shot yesterday. Crazy stuff!

I’m hoping she is on her way down to try and eat something. She is very weak, tired and just her entire body is in pain. I’m told this is to be expected but just amazing to watch someone who NEVER sits down to not be doing anything. I feel so helpless not being able to do anything and feel like a dope as I ask for the 200th time today “honey – what can I do?” She is going to knock me out soon, I can just see it in her eyes.

I’m headed to NY very early tomorrow to make some bacon so Auntie Sammi is coming over. She will be with the girls and Jess tomorrow. I think Sammi will wake up around 2. You know how these college kids can be! Ha. Just joking. It’s such a huge help to have family come and stay with Jess. I would have cancelled my trip to NY if someone wasn’t coming over.

Praying for Jess to be stronger tomorrow. Would love to see her take a walk or get some fresh air in her system.

Until tomorrow dear friends..


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