Sunday, Sept 1, 2013 – 8pm

Hello folks,

Sorry it has been a few days since we have posted. Jess and I went on a quick trip to Europe. Ok, so that’s a lie.

Truth is we have been on a roller coaster. Sick kids, sick Scott (which of course is much worse than breast cancer), Jess getting sick as well along with her going to BI until 4am last Thursday night. Circus.

Add 4 kids and rain and life. Yup, full weekend.

So it’s Sunday eventing and things are a tad back to normal. Jess being the Superwoman that she is made a monster Chicken Broccoli dish with rolls, mashed potatoes, peas, Mac and Cheese. She is incredible. Had to take a few breaks, but as usual, she did what she needs to! Amazing.

All 4 kids got to hang today. Always makes Jess and me happy. Rain was coming down almost all day so of course a fort was made. Some arguing, some light bloodshed and poof, it was done. Not too bad and should only take me 2 months to take down.

No clue what this week will hold but Jess is gearing up for Chemo round 2 on Friday. I will be with her and will have new material for the BI nurses. I’m sure they are all excited to see me, I mean Jess.


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