September 8th, 2013 – 10:30pm

This blog has become an animal. We are winding down our weekend. Watching a little Bond and some NFL football and she is yelling at me, “come on, you have to blog”.

Well as if I don’t have enough on my plate, I’m now a full time blogger. Sucks being so good at so many things. Just cursed I guess.

All things considered, Jess had a good weekend. Her Mom came by, brought 2000 articles of clothing for the girls. No, nothing for me, which at some point I will discuss with her, but the girls were in heaven with all the new duds. Michelle and Jess’ Dad, Bob, came by on Sunday and spent some time. That was great to have her family come both days as I wasn’t around at all this weekend.

Auntie Lisa has been awesome and had the girls a ton this weekend. Jess trying to get the girls playing with other kids and some time with their Dad. They went fishing and had what I’d say was a “normal” weekend. Be curious to see how they react this week to Jess’ hair still being gone. I think we are trying to get a wig or two this week. If anyone asks me if I want one, I am going to go off!!

We had a wonderful surprise by the Holman Family of Ashland bringing us a pasta dinner. I would say they owe me, but that would only be to get a rise out of Jodi and watch her make nasty faces at me! Ha. I’ve always loved their family. Three great kids, two wonderful parents. Just people who are nice and care. Love them.

Funny part was when I told Jodi that under no circumstances was there to be any cheese. Jodi was so sweet to tell me there might be cheese in the meatballs. She was certain Jess has some medical reason she couldn’t have cheese. Once I explained to her Jess has no eating restrictions, I just can’t stand cheese, Jodi was less than thrilled. As I don’t have a great track record with women, I’m not that concerned.

Jess got home as Jodi was leaving so they got to hug and have some hen time. That was sweet to watch. Jodi is great people and we were really thankful for their dinner gift.

I will most likely start publishing a wish list for people to bring us. Cars, a money tree and maybe even a chocolate cake will be on that list. As long as we are asking, we might as go big.

It’s probably what has moved us the most is all the text messages, FB posts and phone calls. Everyone has been so generous with their offers. I’ve always said you don’t find out who loves you until you need them. Everyone is nice when they need you, but when the crap hits the fan, you absolutely find out who loves ya.

I’m going to take a quick moment to thank a few core people who have gone beyond for me. Jess has her crew but I’m gonna recognize mine. The Blacks, Holmans, my kids, my Dad and my Oasis (work) peeps. Just incredible how they are always there for me. Tears coming up as I know I’ve been a pain for all of you from time to time yet you never let me down. You’ll never know what they means to me. I’m gonna go through the fire with my Jess and knowing you got my back warms me. Ok ok. Enough of this emotional crap, SportsCenter is almost on.

Only medical update for the night. We are itchy. One of the side effects I guess but if I have to scratch her back one more time, it’s gonna be a problem.

Oh and yes. We have some very important medical tests tomorrow. While I’m not a big prayer guy, I absolutely admit, I will be praying and ask that all of you do the same so we can be done with any big changes. We are looking for a normal week with fighting kids, crying, basketball, work, paid bills and we will throw in some chemo, drugs and medical chat because that’s just how Jess and I roll!!

Loves to our peeps!!

Scott and Jess


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