Tuesday, September 10, 2013 – 7pm

So we have quite a bit to post. Been a long day but Jess wanted to make sure I got the blog updated so everyone could get up to speed.

Food calendar – for all those who want to bring by food to help, here is the deal. Auntie Lisa has sent up a web site and we can load each person who wants to help. I just need your email address to add to the system. Either FaceBook private message me or Jess, or email us at jlw.skl6.5@gmail.com and we’ll add you. The program will email you back, once entered, and you can pick a day, etc. This will keep all this organized.

Now today was the Jess’ 2nd chemo session. However, they had to scrap the previous game plan with the recent news so today was really Chemo session #1 under the new plan. Three parts, five hours and not a ton of fun. She will have to do this every three weeks for the rest of her life. And that’s if all goes well. Most times it should only take 2-3 hours. Not too bad considering.

I’m going to add Shannon Thorsen Beck to this post. She is a nurse and has been so great for Jess. I’ve never met Shannon but I’m told she is to the point, very smart and can break down this cancer stuff to the common person like nobody else. She has just been awesome. Her medical morsels to Jess have really brought a calmness over each item and she has gone above and beyond. I also understand she is as blunt as me so Jess can’t wait for us to meet. She thinks that will be quite interesting. Love people like this. Not enough of us on the planet.

Overall, a good day. She is such a tough cookie. She does not like the needle going into her arm so she even handled that like a champ. She listens to the nurses and completely understands what’s going on. She handles my wise cracks, and reads all the paperwork like someone at Harvard Medical School. Most of the time they are talking over me, or my eyes are glazed over or I’m just numb after being there for 4 hours. I do perk up when the food cart comes around. And for the record, I was the only non patient to sneak into one of those real comfy chemo chairs and pound out an hour nap. I most likely will own the unit by Dec, stay tuned for details.

I really wish everyone could get to meet Jess and just watch her. All her hometown friends know exactly what I mean. She is just unique. Just special. I can’t really put my finger on it. She is dealing with terminal cancer yet she has this calm, cool and collected way about her. Trust me, she freaks out, I’ve been on hand for that and it’s not pretty. Yes, I’m sure 100% of the time I am the cause but freaking out is still freaking out.

But there is still no better person I’ve met. My Grand Pa was close. The stories of his heart and compassion, and how he was just so sweet, that’s how she is. She is an inspiration to everyone. Even Dick Hoyt made a comment on her photo. I can’t tell you what that meant to her. She was beaming. Hysterical. And btw, it’s Dick Hoyt!! Guy and his family are national heroes. Wow!

So the funny parts of the day are when the nurse leaves and it’s just Jess and I. I’m trying to make 200 work calls, answer 20000 emails and make sure all is set with my kids, Jess’ kids (Auntie Lisa is awesome!) and tying up all my loose ends with basketball. Plus, I have to keep her entertained cuz she just won’t sleep. Too anxious to relax I’m sure. And worse for Jess, I found the TV in our spot and the remote!! Leip’s new 2nd home!!

During one of the breaks, she had me go to the gift shop/wig shop and take photos of the wigs. I had to send them to her for review. Ever seen a 40 something male touching women’s wigs in a hospital with some nosey lady asking me every two seconds, “excuse me Sir, can I help you?” As I told her I’ve had enough of being bald and wanted a new look and the wigs looks interesting, it provoked only a raised eye brow. Jesus, does anyone have a sense of humor anymore? Anyways, I got the photos to Jess and its on our to do list. I think bald is smokin and she looks adorable but I’m sure with all the female emotions, I will be dragged into some awful mall wig day. Brutal!

Another break had me fetching after some snacks and drinks because she was developing a serious case of cotton mouth. Now this was a perfect job for me. I know how to find the kitchen fairly easy and immediately start going through the cupboards. I’m clearly hoping to find some hidden twinkies or some hostess gem!! All I continue to find are LornaDoone cookies (not too bad btw) and saltines. Plus, its all ginger ale and Cranberry juice? No alcohol, no soda! Jesus – who came up with the menu. The cancer folks can’t taste anything anyways so why not make the rest of us happy with a fat cupcake! Smartly, I keep this tidbit to myself and didn’t share with the hospital staff.

Time stamp. Arrived at Beth Israel at 830am, left at 4pm. Long damn day. But only $5 to park for the entire day. These cancer folks get all the breaks.

We had two drop offs tonight. My Dad and his girlfriend Laurie brought an awesome lasagna. Jess was so thrilled. I don’t eat cheese so clearly I was less than happy. I will get them both back at Xmas with some heinous trinket that they’ll hate. Ha! Love payback. My Dad is a great man. So loyal, always there when I need him. Best role model a man could have is big Kevin Leip!!

Second drop off was from my buddy MJ Graves and her family. I’ve known MJ since Justin was 4. We were part of the group that started the Ashland PreK PTO. Funny times. 12 years later and she still talks to me. That’s amazing unto itself. An awesome meat sauce, pasta (MJ – you forgot to cook it!) bottle of wine, chocolate chip cookies and a great loaf of bread. Just amazing.

As the day winds down and I finish the blog, Jess and I feel blessed. So many people commented on the FaceBook post/picture. Just sending Jess all this love and support. For those on the outside, that crap matters. She reads it all. It gives her inspiration. I’m sure it’s enough for Jess to dream of spending the next 60 years with yours truly, but I’m amazing how much all these messages mean to her. Keep them coming!!

Loves to all. I’m done with this for a few days. Need to get some serious work done. With Jess not working, she has saddled me with all the bills, three weddings, four college tuitions to pay for. All you think she is sweet, this chick is driving me nuts!!

Yeah, that’s right. I said it. Ya. I’m that guy.

Scott and Jess!!

3 thoughts on “Tuesday, September 10, 2013 – 7pm

  1. Hi Scott and Jess. Coach and I want you to know we will be following your journey and you will be in our prayers every day. Jess, we have never had the pleasure of meeting you however we know that anyone Scott loves has to be very special. Try to keep your spirits up and know there are a lot of people praying for you.

    Maureen Moresi

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