Wednesday September 11, 2013

First of all, let’s remember all who gave and lost their lives and never forget them and their families and loved ones, as well as all the amazing first responders.  It’s also my little sister’s 19th Birthday, Happy Birthday Sammi 🙂

These new Chemotherapy drugs are running through my veins and hopefully doing their jobs.  My Liver functions are not great but not terrible, I hate the waiting game of 3 weeks to get my scans and blood work to see if it is actually working.  Since the Chemotherapy is designed to kill my immune system, I am neutropenic.  I have to give myself an injection in my stomach 24 hours after my infusion to boost my immune system and help me generate more white blood cells.  This makes my bones ache because the bone marrow is working overtime and stretches my bones.  This stresses me out more than anything.  It is not natural for me to do this, it’s like self inflicting pain, I hate it.

Overall, I feel okay.  I have some abdominal pain, my liver hurts. I’m absolutely exhausted.   It’s so strange, I have Stage 4 metastatic BREAST cancer but my liver is more the problem.  I hate that I need my liver.

Since our house is now sterile ( as sterile as it can be with 4 kids), I was spraying some Lysol around today and Hannah says “Mom, I know what that is, I just saw a commercial, it kills all the germs because you can’t put your couch in the washing machine!” Made me smile, my kids are so amazing with all they have to deal with.  They are so brave and so loving, caring and supportive.  My physical appearance has changed dramatically over the past couple months and they are handling it so well, I am a very proud Mama.

Again, I have to extend my Thanks to everyone who has reached out to us with their wonderful thoughts and prayers, they are working and they mean so much to my family.  Also, the outpour of people who have brought and offered to bring food and other items to us is just so amazing.  THANK YOU!

I know my posts aren’t as exciting as when my other half posts, but it was my turn tonight!

Love to all, Jessica

3 thoughts on “Wednesday September 11, 2013

  1. Well baby you actually do a much better job telling people how you feel and what’s in your mind and heart. That’s really what this blog is about. Truth is you just need me make some entries to keep it light and wait for you to open up to all of us.

    You are truly the most amazing woman I’ve ever met. Keep fighting. We need you, we love you and I can only be sweet for so long. So lets go, kick this things ass so I can get back to doing very little, well, other than looking good!

    Love ya boss!

  2. Glad to read the brain is all clear!!! I am glad everyone around you is rallying and helping out 🙂 my heart breaks for you and worries for you- even though I haven’t seen you in forever , Facebook posts are an amazing way to still feel like you know someone and have a connection. I have a friend who may contact you bc I mentioned your blog, she had breast cancer two yrs ago and was around 37, thought it might be nice to have someone to email with. I pray for you and your family and just take it one day at a time. 💜💙❤💚💛

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