Thursday, Sept 12th, 2013

So it’s my turn to blog and I have to say I’m not exactly sure what we have posted and what we haven’t. I’m completely winging it tonight.

We are watching the Sox and Pats. Jess loves to flip back and forth. No wait. That’s me. Yup. She doesn’t seem to happy but as she is a little weak, she can’t really yell. Bonus for me!!

Pretty good day today. Hannah had her 1st ballet and tap class. So cute all dressed up. She did really well and had a blast. Jess was not happy about missing that. But as I said, miss a few ballet classes and we can go to her wedding. Need to be smart at times with this. The only consultation was Izzy through a monster fit as she wasn’t allowed to go today and let me tell you, she is not someone you want to make mad. Chick went psycho!

Auntie Lisa brought dinner. Awesome rotisserie chicken, rice, and veggies. Girls love when she comes over or when she takes them. She did bring Mac and Cheese and FORGOT the cookies so I’ve added her to the list of folks who must be reminded of what I like! Jesus these people don’t learn. Ha!

Jess’ blood counts are down (normal to happen but still need to watch). She was fairly sluggish today and the next few days are supposed to be the worse. As its the weekend, perhaps that’s better so I can watch all 4 rats when they are here. She has been having some chest pain and she is very tired. All normal from what Doctor Shannon has to say. She told Jess to have a glass of wine, relax and get some rest.

I did want to add one item which my peeps should read. I have had so many people call, email, text and FaceBook message me not only wishing Jess well but really asking how I am doing and really worried about me. Rest assured that over the past two years, while its been a psycho roller coaster ride, I’ve not only discovered who I am, I know my path, what I’m supposed to do, who I’m supposed to be and what my responsibilities are. I have never been happier with my life and where it is headed. And for those who know me, all I ever want is to take care of the people I love and to just be happy. Very simple. And I’m there. Jess, Justin, Courtney, Hannah, Izzy, the friggen annoying cat and Shelly the forgotten turtle are my focus and will be until they put me in the ground, which for those keeping track, will be around 40 or so years from now. Jess has been given specific instructions on my funeral and the roast which will follow immediately after. It’s unclear whether she kills me or I’m trampled by 200 Sports Illustrated swimsuit models or some tragedy like that. So I’m fine. Stop asking. I’m getting annoyed. Ha!!

Last note for the evening: Food calendar is filling up,  Amazing how many moving parts there are to this. It’s really been incredible. I will write my book when this is done. “Life Inside The Tornado!!”

This dude is done for the night. Going to watch the Pats and zone out!!

Until later….


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