Thursday, Sept 19th, 2013

Hey folks – I am sorry it’s been an entire week since Jess and I have posted. For anyone who knows people and families who have gone through this, the reality is sometimes it’s just too tiring to write in the blog.

I made Jess a promise when we started this. I promised I would keep up with the blog. I would make sure that Jess and her girls can always go back to this.

I’m not gonna lie, this week has been a bitch. Jess hasn’t felt good at all. I have been so busy with work, hoops, I haven’t been there enough for Jess.

Fatigue, lack of eating, frustrating boyfriend, two kids under 5. It is not fun to be Jessica Ward or Peterson or whatever she calls herself these days. Might as well be Jessica Leip, cuz if we are not married, then I have not been taught the true meaning of marriage.

See to me marriage is just looking at some person and saying “hey dope, I like you. And not only do I like you or love you, I’m gonna promise to stick by your side until they put me in the ground.” I think the piece of paper is pointless. Always have.

So, anyways, I’m praying things start to look up. I see the story of the Hopkinton 13 year old who got hit by a car and I’m just frazzled. We can fight this. I know how hard this is for Jess. I wish I could do more. Truth is I probably just need to be by her side more. Holding her hard. She is such a sweet person. I admit, I’m a fixer. There is an issue, I can fix it. I’m very frustrated I can’t fix this for her. For all the people I’ve helped over the years, the one person who truly needs me and deserves to be clear of this and I am helpless. Blows.

On a happy note, the kids are all doing really well. Courtney and Justin are off to a great start this year. I’m so proud of both of them. They have also been so sweet during this. We have even got Justin using hand sanitizer. If we can only get him to put the toilet seat down after going, we will be in great shape. Hannah and Izzy have been busy. Auntie Lisa doing her thang with them and all four of us went to Casey’s in Natick for lunch on Monday and we also stopped on the way home for ice cream. Business as usual I guess.

Funny. I took Hannah to dance class today. Tap and ballet. Now this kid is not a push you over sort. She is very deliberate. Very cautious. Very very bright. She can draw and put things together like an artist. As someone who got D’s in stick figure art class (thanks Mr. Mancini for the D!), I’m amazed by her skill. Jess is talented too that way but she really gets it from her Dad. So cool how parents pass on our skills to our kids. It was an hour class and I loved watching her. She kept looking over to see if I was still there. Too cute.

And so while you would think Hannah would be a tad cautious at class, she is anything but. She was all chatty with this other 4 year old before class. Told her all about class last week, all about how her sister was not happy she couldn’t come but that we would bring home candy from “this” machine when we are done. And the best line (I actually forgot to tell Jess this) “this is Scott, he isn’t my Daddy but my Mom likes him and we live at our house together”. Lol. Kid kills me. She did ruin my chances to hit on the Mom’s at class. Is there is any woman in my life who isn’t a complete pain? Ha!

We have had so many people bring food and goodies to the crib. Just amazing how many people have come to help Jess. Funny part is I have got to meet a few of the Natick peeps and they are very nice. Never been a big Natick fan. All you hear from these whack jobs is “home of champions” and how great they are. Why I used to go out of my way to crush any team from Natick or kids from Natick when I was running around playing ball. Yes – me and my boys used to play the Flutie boys in hoop leagues and we smashed them. I was nasty at putting together sick teams. Be a great NBA GM. I digress…

As I’m on a train to NY, I’m so glad I got a couple minutes to post and give everyone the update.

Until next time. Cancer, you suck. We will beat you!


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