Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Time for a blog.

This will be a positive post. Some days are hard. Some are easy. That’s no different than anyone else on the planet, except Jess (and our family) has this damn black cloud hanging over us. Yes, cancer.

Funny, but for me, cancer used to be such a dirty word, something I would avoid. Never had someone real close to me have it. Have had a few Ashland folks who had it. I would pray for them, but I would say it was not in my circle.

But something amazing has happened through all this and I know Jess feels the same. We are really noticing the LIFE around us. It’s easy to see the negative. Why I don’t watch the news. It’s mostly crap, death, politics, drama. All crap. But as Jess and I go around, living, taking care of our family, we see so many incredible people who are going out of their way to wish Jess well or to offer to help.

I know that going forward I will not hesitate to approach someone with “that look”. Just a hug or a kind word or maybe a laugh can help someone’s day be better. I know it has meant the world to Jess to get that from all her friends and family.

Case in point, we went to Casey’s in Natick on Tuesday. Had to get out as Jess and the girls couldn’t be at the house. It was frustrating because I had hoop practice that I had to cancel. We had a fun little dinner, but the most amazing thing happened on the way out. Jess ran into another Natick man who was also battling cancer and it was just so touching to see two people genuinely wish another person well. The emotion was amazing.

On the way home we stopped at Tasty Treat in Ashland and had a sweet little old lady come over and chat with us. Not only was she impressed at how well the kids were behaving, she also knits hats for people with cancer. Just so sweet. Took our contact info. She is going to make Jess some hats. Amazing.

People – life is truly amazing. Maybe it’s just me these days as I’m walking on air. Even though I am so scared for Jess, I’m happier than ever and maybe I’m just seeing the glass half full. It’s so hard to watch someone you love battle this crap, but in some ways it’s such a lesson. I know deep down she will beat this. It is a miracle happening. If I can get Izzy (3 year old circus animal) out of diapers, now that would be another miracle.

Anyways, rest of life isn’t too bad. We eat like kings, get care packages almost daily. It’s like friggen Christmas up in this piece! I guess dealing with cancer is the downside but we laugh, we cry, we appreciate every moment we have. The joke of all this will be when some physician tells Jess she will live for 50 more years, probably assumes she wouldn’t have to deal with me and my crap for that long!

My Dad and his girl Laurie came by with all sorts of fall decorations and put up some hay, fall, pumpkin package onto our deck. Jessica loves that sort of thing, so she was very happy. My Dad and especially Laurie are such good hearted people. So lucky to have them in our lives.

My aunt Paula also sent some amazing items to Jess. All stuff really for a cancer patient. Lip stuff. Body lotion. Nothing that I can use but really amazing and Jess was so pumped.

We have been moved by all the wonderful cards and packages, meals. and emails and Facebook messages. I love making fun of the world but Jess and I are so blessed. People in this world, and you know who you are, are so wonderful. For those who don’t get it, only care about yourself, shame on you. Wake up!

Our one year anniversary is coming up. It’s been a psycho year to say the least. And maybe God could get rid of the cancer, but other than that, we are living the dream! Can’t wait to see what Jess gets me. Probably nothing, she will use this “cancer” and the fact that she can’t drive. I get screwed again. Typical. Omg, I do crack myself up. She is going to be pissed when she reads this. Oh well.

To all, thanks again. We can’t thank you enough. Hope everyone is smiling, feeling good and helping each other. I will be eating cookies and waiting for my gifts and deliveries (I mean care packages).

Until next time…

Scott and Jess! Oh and Izzy, Hannah, Courtney and Justin say hi as well.

7 thoughts on “Wednesday, September 25, 2013

  1. Hi Scott and Jess,
    I continue to read your posts and keep you and your entire family in my prayers. Scott, the moment you write about, the “a-ha” moment when you suddenly notice and appreciate all the good around you, that’s the blessing that comes from this awful disease. I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it; I would never wish cancer on anyone, but I do wish everyone had a chance to experience and comprehend the love and support that surrounds each of us every day.
    Keep the faith, hold each other close and continue to believe.

  2. Scott, I cannot wait to meet you! I am a friend of Jess’s and am so thrilled that she has you! I sit here in my office and work with tears in my eyes from both sad emotion and laughter from your posts….have you ever thought of becoming a writer? What a blessing that you both are able to soak in the positives through this awful process, and what a wonderful way to show all of your children the beauty of life! I pray for Jess and all of you and wish a light a the end of this tunnel for you guys.
    Much love,
    Kristen and the Proia Family

  3. Perfect post, Scott. Poignant and funny. Loved every word. Happy anniversary to the two of you (and to the other four of you). xo

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