Thursday, Oct 3, 2013

So another Thursday, another blog entry. It has been a crazy and hectic but a wonderful week. Some good news for Jess, so much love in our place and so many great people helping us.

Funny how Jess is two entries ahead of me. She should be. She sits on her can all day while I make it all happen. Oh man, I’m gonna pay for that line. Hee Hee!!

I guess I will start with Tuesday. Chemo Day at BI, 2nd time was easier. We know where to go. We know the questions to ask, and it actually was faster for them to put the chemo in her. Funny part is we got there at 830 and didn’t start until 12. Of course I got the blame for that. We went for a walk. Took some photos. Chatted about our future. I love our chats.

We have also been able to do some people watching and truth is, so many of these folks are in much worse shape. I saw a college kid from New Zealand, can’t be 22, dealing with this. Parents are home in NZ. So sad.

I catch myself in some of the things I say. “Worse than us”. Truth is Jess’ deal is real serious. Anything could happen. Those are the facts. When I hear the details, the game plan. It scares the crap out of me.

But the truth is I know my Jess is the miracle. She is my gift. My gift from God. I know it. Dude owes me! As I watch her rest, dealing with the pain and the start of a fever, I feel all of this deep in my heart, my bones. See I’m the “really” emotional one. I live from the heart, sell from the heart, coach from my heart and I know, in my heart and in my soul, she will be with me for a long time. Poor girl!

I know I digress but I wish everyone in my world will get to meet her. So many peeps have sent gifts, emails, cards, Facebook messages and even text messages. And my peeps know what a handful I am. She brings out the best in me. Makes me know I’m on the right path. She is just incredible (when she isn’t yelling at me!) I told her when we get our house, we will throw a big bash and invite everyone. To come by, meet my angel and toast the miracle.

Continuing..God is testing her. Testing me. We will pass this test. She will beat this. I know it’s a long road. Heck, I would love to live until I’m 100 so at 43, half my life hasn’t even started yet. And as I’m very smooth and landed myself a little 37 year old Philly, giddy up to Jess and Scott!

From the rest of the last week and into this one, she has been weak but I have been making Jess these supplement shakes. Helps her keep up her strength. And it’s actually helping her eat better all around. We also got her a juicer. Comes tomorrow. I can’t think of anything I would use less unless they throw a treadmill up in our place.

My kids were here on Wed and the three of us went to CVS to get the flu shot. Got to make sure Jess isn’t around that. Just wouldn’t be good. We even took Hannah and Izzy with us which was quite comical. All 5 of us in this little room, Justin nervous about the shot, Courtney making fun of Justin and the little ones trying to convince me to put every toy and candy item in our basket before we leave. Yeah, good times.

Hannah had dance class again. She is a pro now. Izzy came too. Saw the vending machine so $20 and 15 cavities, we got through the hour. Don’t worry. I have great dental.

Both Jess’ Mom and step Mom came by this week. Debbie decorated the house with Halloween stuff with the little ones and Michelle grabbed the girls after dance on Thursday and spent some time with them. They do love their grand parents. Family is so great!

I’m headed to NY tomorrow so I know it’s gonna be a tough day. But per usual, she will get through. It’s just what she does.

Again , to all who are helping, thanks and we love you. Just amazing how people have been. Not sure we’d be able to handle this without all of you.

Until next time…loves


One thought on “Thursday, Oct 3, 2013

  1. I love reading the updates because I can feel the love that everyone has for all of you while I read them . I continue to pray and think healing thoughts and easier and less worry filled days. 💜💙💚💛🍀🍀🙏

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