Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

Hello folks,

It’s been some time since I have posted in our blog. Perhaps for a guy who never shuts up, I’m speechless, shocked and overwhelmed with all that’s been going on. It’s been a crazy month with fall basketball ending, finalizing my divorce, Jess’s treatments and all the kids stuff. I need to clone myself.

I’m going to try and discuss our world over the past couple weeks. Oddly enough, while having to deal with this cancer circus, we have so many great things going on, have four amazing kids who keep us laughing and very busy. I’ve learned we have so much to be thankful for, we just need to stay positive, keep fighting and this will turn around for us.

I will start with last weekend. We had my kids and while Hannah and Izzy were with Auntie Lisa, we all took a trip to Legacy Place in Dedham and went to Costco and Whole Foods.

Costco was awesome. They have everything there. Teasing me with the 80′ TV’s as we walked in, we were able to spend an hour walking around. Courtney tested every food sample. Justin, of course, had to find their snack shack and ate as he never stops!! We got Hannah all sorts of gifts and even got one for Izzy.

Jess got tired from walking and sat in the cart. It was so funny. Funny that she fit and we could still fit all our stuff in there. It was a great time.

Whole Foods, which I’ve never been in, is the upscale version of Market Basket. All organic but just as packed and crazy. We got our frozen wheat grass ($30 for two packets!!!) and got on our way home.

As Jess said, we had a couple trips to Boston last week. I hate hospitals. Always have. I was so glad we went because it was so obvious Jess couldn’t shake the fever she had. Again, we have four kids in and out of here every day. Someone is always sneezing or has a sore throat. It’s almost impossible to keep everyone completely healthy all the time. Just not the place for someone with no immune system. But she continues to fight and deal with her pain. I’m always in awe of her and her strength. I’ve said this for some time but you just have to meet and spend time with her. Tough, sensitive, smart. She is a gem. A rate breed. All I do is deal with people all day and I can tell you no one compares.

The folks in the hospital were so nice and sweet. Always asking Jess what they could do for her. It’s really amazing the work they get done in there. The 2nd trip to BI was at the emergency room. 2pm to 10:30pm that day. It sucked. Period. No real answers. She got fluids so to squash her fever and her heart rate got back to normal, that was great. To watch me make 10 runs to get her something to eat, drink was a pain in the ass. I was exhausted. Ha!

As they made the decision to keep her overnight, I could sense something was wrong. Just that gut feeling you have from time to time. My gut is always real good.

To keep her laughing, as we were getting our private escort by ambulance to the cancer ward, there was a big time scale as we were leaving. Jess being a major pain in the butt says “go ahead, get on it”. Now mind you I was carrying everything. All the bags, her clothes, must have been 20 lbs? So maybe not that much but the scale (clearly broken) said 255!! Jess started cracking up. Two EMT’s were laughing at how hard Jess was laughing. So I broke up with her on the spot and challenged the two EMT (yes, one was a woman) to a race. If you don’t know me, I’ve never lost a race. I’m wicked fast, even for 240lbs. So much for all this stress helping me lose weight. I think I’m gaining the weight Jess is losing. Not good.

So we get to the room, it’s late. I clearly find the cancer floor kitchen, these are always stocked, and I go to work. Yup, cleaned the fridge right out. Especially the good stuff where people wrote their names on it. Most likely the first stuff I ate. Ok. So truth is I grabbed 10 graham crackers and a milk. Wasn’t much else. We did have our own TV and I got to watch the late NBA game.

My favorite moment from the night was when they told Jess I couldn’t stay. It wasn’t a single and I can tell people don’t really stay over. This was not ok with Jess and you can tell she was upset. It’s really an amazing feeling to have someone care about you. To need you and want you there during the worst times of their life. Thank goodness the nurses saw what I saw and wheeled in a recliner. Like putting me in a padded thimble, but the gesture was very nice. I didn’t have the heart to tell the nurses and staff they just saved themselves a monster circus cuz there was no way I was leaving her side.

In the morning I had to leave to grab Izzy and Hannah from Auntie Lisa (a finalist for my favorite person of the year award) and as it was Wednesday, I had to get my Courtney off the bus and we all went to get Justin at Rivers after he was done at school. I’ve come to love my time with these four. They love being with each other. Fight, hug, sing, laugh. I wish I could explain their connection but it’s just incredible.

We went and got Hannah a BDay cake. Shaws is most likely still recovering. Too funny how we are so loud and disruptive. We got home and I got the kids fed and setup for the next day. My kids went to get their homework done while the girls got to play for a bit.

Sarah (her bud from Natick) picked her up at the hospital and brought her home. We had a great time with Hannah’s cake and presents. Family time is the best.

Thursday was Halloween. Certainly sucks for me cuz I don’t have my kids on Thursdays but I got some cute photos of Courtney as a “Lax Bro”. No clue what that is but her and her friends had a blast. Justin was good enough to go with her and watch her and her friends as they stayed out for three hours!

As for my other crew, Jess got the girls all dressed up. Cheerleaders for this year. Absolutely adorable. With that said, no way Izzy is ever a cheerleader. She of course will do whatever Hannah does but this girl will be a linebacker some day. No doubt in my mind.

We headed over to the Chamberlain house in Natick. We did have to stop at Walgreens to get the girls candy bags and if you ever need to get to Natick or Walgreens by Roche Brothers, you should really call Jess. She told me every turn to make and must have thought I’ve never driven down route 135. It’s absolutely the one thing I can’t stand is people telling me where to go when I’m driving. I know it’s a woman thing but it’s just the worst. So yes, I broke up with her in the parking lot and then went to get the candy bags.

From the trick or treating, to the food, to the people, the entire night was just awesome. As much as it pains me, the Natick people are just the best. Down to earth, so genuine, so caring. I know I’m talking about a 30-35 year history with this group but you should see their bond. One of Jess’ nut bag friends, Sarah got a tattoo of “HOPE” on her shoulder. What a message. They just all love each other. It’s pretty amazing. Her friends Emily, Lee, Sarah were all there. Their husbands are really nice as well. Emily’s husband might be my favorite and clearly has a screw loose but watching him play with Izzy and Hannah, he is just a riot and I love people who aren’t all completely there! All in all it could not have been a better night.

I have to mention Sarah and Lee’s parents, The Grady’s. You talk about people that just go way beyond and as I say “get it”. Alan has a golf cart he has for the neighborhood (don’t ask) and he took Jess around so she could watch her girls trick or treat with the other kids. Wow. Just amazing. And Momma Grady is a rock star too. Gave me a monster hug (most women do when they meet me) and could not be a sweeter woman.

The end of our week was fairly quiet. Only one basketball event this weekend. I was able to go with my Dad to watch Justin start his career with BABC, the premier AAU basketball program over the past 36 years. I’ve had some proud moments as a Dad, no doubt about that, but to watch my son work towards his dream and to see all the hours of work begin to pay off, it was just awesome.

Jess and I are headed to get a new dishwasher today. We have some other items to grab as well as the little ones spend some time with Auntie Lisa.

Overall, we have a ton to enjoy and to be thankful for. We are starting the Thanksgiving planning and Jess is so excited to have everyone at our crib.

I want to continue to thank everyone who sends their well wishes, their meals, all the prayers and thoughts. It’s so appreciated. Jess will beat this. No doubt in my mind. We just need some time and some chemo.

All my love…



4 thoughts on “Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

  1. Scott and Jess,
    I’m sorry to hear of these developments but remain optimistic for you. I will continue to pray for you both. If there is anything else I can do , please let me know.

  2. Jess,
    Scott seems to be perfect for you Izzy and Hannah. I dont have the words to express how inspiring your website is. I believe, like everyone else you have this. Your support system is unique and amazing, just like you. Prayerz are flowing and positive vibes sent around the clock…

  3. Scott….In case You havent figured it out yet, I am the middle child of the Chamberlain family (and by far the coolest 😉 ) If you like my brother….you will love me 😉 That being said….You are awesome, and I thank God that you have been sent to Jess at this time! Keep up being the amazing Scott! Much love to you and all the girls in your life. Cant wait to meet you some day. Give Jess a giant hug for me!

  4. Please try to stay positive. I know it’s hard. No one but God knows the plan. We pray for you everyday and I am dedicating my Rosaries to you. XOXO

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