Scott’s Post – January 13th, 2014

Hello everyone from the blog world. I think I’ve posted on Facebook, Twitter or even on here that sometimes I’m at a loss of words for what’s gone on with Jess and our world.

Well today is not one of those days. I’m so happy for her. Little victories. I’ve coached basketball for a long time and every win has it’s place. I love the little wins, and the big wins. Today was a big win, for Jess, our children, and for our life we are building.

She has a long road ahead. No way around that. I think she will be on chemo her entire life. So it is still scary and crazy.

But to have the doctors tell her the news. The great news. The unreal news. The complete opposite of “sit down, we need to talk” and all that crap. Just amazing. I heard the words “tumors are shrinking”, “the treatment is working”. Jesus. Just incredible.

See people I’m amazed at this woman. She has such a strength, an inner confidence and just a focus of what her life is about. I am so lucky to have found her. Blessed. To learn from her. To live with her. To watch what she has been through. She doesn’t complain. Doesn’t whine. Just gets up and does what is necessary and way more from where I sit.

And trust me, I’ve got a couple stories where she was so stubborn and a complete bitch and I almost threw her out the window. She has her days, like all of us. But she doesn’t get rattled. Doesn’t quit. Does not lose sight of what’s important. It’s a rare quality I’ve come to learn with people. I’m so proud of her. Changing her diet. Staying positive. Still doing what she needs to do!!

Last week. Her good friend Sarah passed away. It was Monday when they had the wake. Jess had chemo, she came home, laid down for a bit and got up and we went to the wake. Damn chick had a full work up of chemo and there was no way she wasn’t going. And in Marblehead no less. Two hours with traffic. Pain in the butt. But that’s who she is. Just gets it done. Amazing. I know Sarah is watching over her. I know she had a hand in those scans. I just know it. So thankful for her.

On the funny side, we got the two little ones into school. Izzy over in Holliston and Hannah in Ashland. I will post more about these two next blog but to see Jess’ face last week as we finalized the details. They started today and all went so well. Jess was so happy for her girls. No better feeling than when your kids are happy and healthy.

Well it’s late. I’m headed to NY tomorrow. Someone has to work in this house. I’ve got 4 hens and my crazy son and they are sucking me all dry. Ha! I wouldn’t have it any other way, to be honest.

It is still a long road ahead but it’s a road I get to go down with my buddy Jess. I wouldn’t change our world for anything and everything.

Loves to all my peeps!!


4 thoughts on “Scott’s Post – January 13th, 2014

  1. I love hearing all the positive news about Jess. You guys are awsome and our prayers are with all of you !
    Love you xxoo

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