Tuesday, Jan 28th, 2014

Hey folks, I have some time so I thought I would post an entry to our blog. Not much to report so this blog will be very sarcastic as I’m in a great mood. On the train heading back from NY and I feel like being funny. I’m sure I will be greeted at the front door (after she reads this) with the typical “Leip, why must you be an ass?” I admit, I love that look on her face when she is embarrassed by me! Classic.

Our world is good. Kids, work, life – pretty normal for as “normal” as anyone’s life is. We had chemo Monday. It was only one chemo, not the triple dose she gets next week. Again, her scans were good in Jan, she is doing great. Long road but she is just gonna be that miracle. Pam, her chemo nurse, is awesome and even tolerates me when I get fresh. Jess told her she could hit me if she wanted to. Lol. So funny how people want to hit me. Seriously it is great to see Jess be comfortable with Pam and Pam really cares and takes such great care of her.

Our routine at the hospital has become pretty standard. Every Monday morning we get up. Well, I get up and then have to drag the lump that is my future wife out of bed. We get ourselves ready and the kids ready for school. Debbie, the Monday morning savior, comes and gets the girls for school. She has really been amazing with all this. All her family has. So lucky to have them helping us.

Come 7:45-8am, we head out to Boston. As we drive, she tells me every turn to take while I ignore her, tell her how lucky I am to be with her. It’s an awesome routine.

As we get to the hospital, she gets out, heads in to the 9th Floor, while I park, hit up Starbucks (which I friggen despise), I get Jess her iced coffee, a fruit cup and oh I manage to throw a bacon, egg and bagel sandwich down my throat as I get upstairs. Some days I eat it with all the patients waiting to get their treatment. Yeah, those people can smell my bacon and egg sandwich and they all give me the evil eye. Great way to start my morning.

I actually get a lot of work done while there. Amazing what technology allows us to do. Especially for me, part Brad Pitt, part Bill Gates. Just who I am! Ok ok. I will stop. Sorry. It’s amazing how Jess is getting chemo but when I need to make a call or handle some business, she just smiles and says “it’s ok, go ahead”. She is such a sweet kid. Just nice at her core when she is trying to choke me.

Other than that, not sure I have any thing else to report. Got my kids this weekend. Circus at the house I’m sure but always so much fun. Gonna try and do something with all of us this weekend, even if it’s just out to dinner or something. I know it’s the hardest part for me as my kids get older and even with the divorce. I just do not see my rats enough. It’s ok, I will visit them at college (which I will have one there in 3 years!!) I’m sure they will love when Daddy just shows up. Ha

I hope everyone out there is doing well. Stay warm and don’t forget to smile and have fun while on the planet. Jess and I, and our four rats are having a ball!!


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