Saturday, March 8, 2014

Wow, where do I start?  So, scanned on Tuesday, married on Wednesday. 

My brain MRI came back negative, no evidence of any metastatic disease.  This is great news.  I dont have any neurological symptoms but my oncologist is pretty adamant about covering all the bases.  My liver scan was a big disappointment for me, although it could be a lot worse.  A LOT worse.  The chemo that I was on basically stopped working to fight the tumors and was poisoning my bone marrow.  The liver tumors have not increased but they have not decreased either.  Quite a few emotions come with these results and it also makes it a little harder to stay focused on the positive.  I also have some new swollen lymph nodes in the groin area that are questionable although we have no idea what they are.  The doctors tell me that breast cancer does not spread to that area but other cancers do, it could also just be nothing, but they are there and big and painful.  My bones were not scanned this time, it was too early so that scan comes in two months from now.  So, the plan is to stop the heavy chemo for now because my body needs a break and there was no increase in the tumors.  I will still go every 3 weeks, starting the 17th, and get the  2 “maintenance” chemo drugs (Herceptin and Perjeta).  I need these for the rest of my life but they are not toxic and my hair will start to grow back and my nails will grow back.  I will be scanned every 2 months and we go from there.  As soon as there is any change in my condition, I will start a different heavy chemo attack and hopefully kill these effing tumors.  Got no time in my life for this crap.  As far as the new lymph nodes, I will be having them biopsied next week so fingers crossed that it is just fluid and not another set back. 


Scott gave me a 48hr notice, got me a beautiful simple dress and a pair of blue shoes and even picked out the rings all by himself.  Linda Grady made me a beautiful bouquet.  Lee Chamberlain let me borrow her pearls from when she was a child.  Sarah Gillis, Emily Hescock and Stephen Black were all kind enough to be our witnesses and all the beautiful photos were taken by Sarah.  We didn’t tell anyone until afterwards, not even our children!  We both woke up Wednesday morning, got the kids off to school, business as usual.  I put my dress and wig on, Scott put a suit on and we took separate cars and met at the church (so romantic) at 11am.  Pastor Frye married us and it was perfect! His wife, Stacy, was also there to witness and pray for us. After our “ceremony”, Scott had a meeting, I had to pick Hannah up at school at 12:15.  I showed up at her school in my dress and she gave me a look and said “Mommy, you kept it a secret! You and Scott got married!” 

I love my new husband and family so much and I am so lucky and so blessed to have what I have in this life.  I love my life, no room for negativity.  Yes, I have stage IV breast cancer and my life is a battle every single day but my life and my heart are filled with so much love and happiness that I can’t possibly let my illness get in the way.  I am so grateful for all the love and support because it absolutely makes the tough days easier.  My family and I can’t express our thanks enough. 

Stay tuned for Scotts post…always way more fun than mine.

Much love and thanks!!! xoxoxoxo  

One thought on “Saturday, March 8, 2014

  1. I’m not fortunate enough to know you personally, but I went to high school with Scott. So, I guess I can’t ignore my feelings for you and you’re family. I must say, I thought your article was superb, writin with such eloquence. I can not imagine anyone not being able to read, every writin word, without having long and reflecting thoughts about life as a result. Thank you. ♥

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