Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Well hello there! It seems like it’s been forever since we have posted. Sorry everyone. Well, I’m not really sorry but I know Jess would want me to say that, so there ya go!

I can personally say it’s been a complete shit show at the Leip house. I will try and update you on our world.

Let’s start with Jess. She is the same, I guess. It’s so hard some days to remember she has terminal cancer. She is just so amazing. With her kids, mine, me, everything. I say it a ton, but I’m just reminded daily of how incredible she is and how strong her will is. Just really the best woman I’ve ever met. Nothing stands in her way of getting stuff done and getting people what they need. Oh and none of it is ever for herself.

On the medical side, she is ok. I can tell she gets tired and does too much. Still has pain, leg pain, liver pain. Pain. She doesn’t say much about it, which is how I know it hurts.

She has chemo every 3 weeks now. At first I thought it would a good thing but I’m coming to the realization the more chemo, the more crap that’s fighting those cancer cells. As you all know, I don’t get all the medical side. Just know when my wife has pain, and how to try and get her what she needs. We go this Monday, so we just keep pushing forward.

I keep saying it, but she will be the miracle. Something will happen. I don’t know when or how, but I can feel it coming.

Now on to the fun stuff. We moved. Across town. Did you really think I would leave Ashland? Ha. My home. My town. We are in a duplex. So much better space. So much more like a home than the bachelor pad I had. I really wasn’t sad to go. This space is so much better for everyone. The move itself was brutal. I hate moving. My boy Damon, and his boss at Mark’s Moving and Storage donated the move to Jess knowing her story. Amazing how people pay it forward.

So many people offered to help. Bob, Michelle, Debbie, Lisa and Sean all were huge. Couldn’t have done it without them. I was ready to get a dumpster and toss it all.

Anyways, so we have a great new place. Making new memories. Jess is running the ship. Having me move each room 20 times until it’s perfect. I have broken up with her every day cuz I hate moving and lifting anything, let alone the same thing 5 times. She plays her damn cancer card and can’t lift anything. It’s a joke. I didn’t think this through which is typical of me. Oh well, my next marriage I will get it right.

The kids are great. Everybody loves the new place, they love being together. But the space is also great so when they get sick of each other or when Jess and I get sick of them, we can push them to their private space. We are so looking forward to the holidays. Having everyone over. Just a great place to entertain. Oh, and I’m wicked entertaining. Just ask me.

This reminds me that Jess’ friend Kevin Smith held a fundraiser a few weeks back. Again, just someone stepping up for Jess. I don’t know Kevin but I watched how his event came together. Just amazing. Jess’ friend Emily gave us the complete run down. So many people trying to help and most of them didn’t even know Jess.

I can tell you for a while I was a person who said “people suck”. I don’t think that now. I think the world is full of beautiful, caring people. It’s the bad apples, the negative ones who come into our life who try and poison us. Just can’t let it happen. I now weed them out. Simple and easy.

Signing off for now, hope everyone out there in blog world is happy and doing well. If you’re not, call me, come by. 15 minutes with Jess and the kids is enough to take whatever is wrong with your world and make it right. Trust me, I’ve been living it for 18 months and there is nothing better.

Oh and Jess is pregnant. Yes, April fools. Lol. Love it! Did I get anyone?


4 thoughts on “Tuesday, April 1, 2014

  1. Congratulations Leip family on your marriage and new home!!!!
    Stay strong everyone and keep kicking ass!!!
    Sending all our love!!!

  2. Hi Jess….. and Scott….. Jess used to babysit my girls…. we were neighbors in Natick…… I can help with whatever you need…. I’m just down the road in Holliston….. my “babies” are 30 and 28…. yes, the kiddos you babysat…… I love reading your blog…. you are amazing!!!! Please….. please contact me if I can do anything for you and the family….. you posted a pic a while ago of your girls….it reminded me of mine from…way back…. 🙂 I would love to help with whatever you may need/want…… You are an amazing, strong woman!!! xo

  3. Hi Guys Wonderful Story! Sending you some Reiki from Daytona Beach Maybe this will make it to you! xxxooo

  4. Scott, I have not seen or talked to you in years. I actually ran into your Dad at the grocery store and he filled me in on your new life etc. I just wanted to write and send you, Jess and all the kids my well wishes. I find it truly unimaginable and quite uplifting how you all can keep it together. Congrats on the marriage and the move.. I can see your humor has stayed strong….. I wish you all only the best…..

    Daphne Mariani (formerly Martin).

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