Scott’s Entry – June 27th, 2014

Hello everyone!

Well in true Leip fashion, Jess got her blog done before me so as I’m on my way home from Texas, it’s my turn to play catch up.

As I normally do, I got a chance to sit at the airport and do some people watching. I’m reminded today why Jess wanted to start the blog. She had no idea when this all started what would happen and God forbid she was taken from us, she wanted a journal for Hannah and Izzy about what her Mom’s life was like. She wanted the girls to know how much she loves them and that despite all the cancer and the circus, she was happy and was right where she wanted to be, despite being sick.

Well we are almost at the one year mark. It was July 2013 when she called me as I was in Vegas, as a judge for every bikini contest out there. The fact that I was coaching my AAU team at the Adidas Showcase doesn’t sound as sexy!

It’s been an incredible year. So much has happened. I know this sounds strange but we are so blessed. I know people who are lost and don’t know what they are doing. They are sad and lost and yet here we are. Jess and I have found each other. Know what we want out of life. Sure the cancer is a pain but what isn’t. Everyone has their drama, we have this. Truth is we get what we can handle. Jess can handle this. Not sure she can handle me, but she is getting an A for effort for sure.

My post today is about looking back and looking forward. I feel so lucky to has found Jess and her girls. They’ve completed my life which was pretty awesome before them, truth be told. I have the best two kids, have done so much with coaching and work, but I was missing something. It’s strange to say but I think I always knew I had a hole, like an itch which I couldn’t tell where it was coming from. Now that itch is scratched and I’m so at peace. Internal peace is a funny animal. Until you have it, you most likely don’t even realize you are searching for it. It’s definitely a great feeling.

Oh and don’t kid yourself folks. Jess and I are like every married couple. I drive her nuts. We fight, argue about the kids, money, the trash, my issues (of course cuz she has none!), you know – life. But we have found each other, found the patience to work things out and just do what we have to for the kids. It’s our common bond and what we were both missing. Someone who we could spend our life with who gets that.

As for our day to day, it’s going well. I see Jess’ emotional and physical state be pretty even keel. She has pain, always will. She takes her pills, always will. She has her chemo treatments, always will. Her hair is growing back, she has much more than me now which I know was a goal of hers. Not to bad, it could be so much worse.

As you know we got to go on my company trip to Spain. It was awesome. Just priceless. She had a blast, which was all I wanted.

Last weekend I got to see my cousin, my aunt and niece as they were up from North Carolina. Most of you don’t know, I really haven’t spoken to part of my immediately family for a long time. Guess who has started to put that back together for us? Yup – my Jess. She is just incredible when it comes to this stuff. We will get to spend the 4th of July with my brother and his family which has not happened in over 10 years. So when you hear me talk about the angel God sent me, it goes way beyond her thinking I’m the best looking guy on the planet.

We have a trip scheduled to Maine which most of us will go on. Justin has to work a hoop camp in RI but the rest of us will be going. Should be a circus, but fun. Me and 5-6 chicks for a week. Yeah – I will admit it, by day 4 I will want to hang myself.

Other quick updates on the kids, from youngest to oldest.

1. Izzy – is always in trouble. Jess tried to give her away this week. No way that kid makes it to 10.

2. Hannah – the sweetest person on the planet and loves everyone and everything.

3. Courtney – turned 12, not 21 this week. Chick is trying to grow up too fast and I need to stop time ASAP.

4. Justin – finally over mono and is back to normal hoop and life activities. Big month and summer for Bean coming up!!

5. Scott – is in pretty good shape. Only got yelled at a couple times this week, below his weekly average.

Happy 4th everyone. Chat soon, we are wishing you all the best!!