June 1, 2014

Wow, a huge apology for not posting sooner.  Life gets in the way.  That’s a good thing. 

I had my scans done on May 13.  There has been no progression of my disease.  My liver tumors are shrinking and there was only one large one left that was measured.  The tumors in my spine have become sclerotic and everything is stable.  This is especially good news for me because I have been off of the heavy chemotherapy for a few months now.  I have not had any drugs killing the cancer cells, the infusions I get every 3 weeks and the injections and pills I have to take are my “maintenance” therapies.  They pretty much keep me alive right now.  They are targeted for metastatic breast cancer and strip my body of hormones and basically try to make my body produce less “food” for the cancer cells to thrive and/or multiply.  I have hormone positive breast cancer, which unfortunately, is the most aggressive type of breast cancer.  So, my good news is that my body (on it’s own) has been fighting off these cancer cells that have taken up shop in my body and spreading like wild fire.  As I say often, I cannot control the fact that I have breast cancer but I can absolutely control what I put in my body and what I choose to feed it.  I made a huge lifestyle change and stepped up the plate.  I cannot explain the benefits of eating clean and really paying attention to what you eat.  You are what you eat, for sure! I amaze myself at how good I feel some days when I think about how sick I am.  When I think about my diagnosis almost a year ago and I was given 2 years to live, I look in the mirror and besides the fact that my hair is a little crazy and I have a piece of hardware sticking out of my chest, I don’t think that I look sick.  I’m not going to lie and say I feel perfect.  I have pain.  I have neuropathy.  I’m a little slower than the average 37 year old woman but I feel very lucky to be where I am at right now.  I get to spend every day with my family and be an active part in their lives.  I’m not in and out of the hospital with infections because I keep my blood counts up with my diet.  I’m not in a wheelchair.  If I meet someone who knows nothing about me, they have no idea that I am living with Stage 4 Breast Cancer.  That finally feels great.  People still look at me funny, but it’s not the same “look”.  I hated walking around looking like the poster child for chemotherapy.  Life is good right now.  Life is hard.  Life is a battle every single day for me, but, life is good.  I’ve been making a lot of memories lately and making every single day count and I intend to continue on this path. 

Happy June and THANK GOD for the warm weather, I could barely move in the rawness of that so called spring we just had!

2 thoughts on “June 1, 2014

  1. Great news, thank you for sharing. Keep up the good work and as always thank you for the lesson in live each day to the fullest. You are such an inspiration!

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