June 2, 2014

I’m back at it for some more! I was so anxious to blog that I forgot to put in some things.  I also may have done it subconsciously as I had posted all the great news about my scans, there is also the not so good news that always comes along.  There is NO terrible news this time around, which is incredible for someone with my diagnosis.  I get fixated on the liver and bone metastases and completely forget about the culprit, the breast.  My breast tumor has remained the same size over the last few months, it did get bigger when I slowed down on my Taxane (the chemo drug that makes your hair fall out). It has remained stable and measures around 3cm at its longest point.  I have quite a few lymph nodes under my arm pit that have not even been counted on the right, this is the side where my cancer is and I have had some of them biopsied and they are obviously filled with cancer cells.  I now have them on the left side under my arm pit as well.  They are “lighting up” on the scans as harboring cancer cells.  This is an important physical exam I get every time I see my oncologists because they are palpable and very easy to find on me because I am so skinny.  They have remained stable and there isn’t anything that is going to be done at this time to target them.  The main goal right now is to get the liver as clean as possible.  As soon as my liver (hopefully) gets “sterile” where the tumors are no longer lighting up on scans, this will be my very, very, very small window to have a double mastectomy and reconstruction.  My docs are not convinced that my liver is going to cooperate completely so I need to continue the treatments that I am on with the medically induced menopause to get the estrogen out of my body and then I need to have a few more “positive” looking consecutive scans, THEN I go for surgery.  Since my cancer is in my blood, they are not going to take a chance with my health right now.  I’m on the right track and that’s the most important thing.

Once again, I am truly grateful for all the love and support from my family, friends, neighbors, community and complete strangers.  I am a lucky, lucky girl and could not do this everyday without all of you! I am so happy today! I am also grateful for no longer having to wear winter hats.  I’ve got this weird little half pixie/half old man hair do. When I am not feeling my wig, I have to use products in it to tame it because it’s so fluffy and I look like a little monchichi.   Bring on the warm weather 🙂

We leave for Spain on Saturday and my nerves are still a little shaky to write about it now, I will keep you posted!

“Make the most of today, with hope for tomorrow.”


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