Scott’s Entry – June 2nd, 2014

Well it’s time for my entry as Jessica was so kind to give us all a quick update. I mean she was so nice to get the ball rolling but really, that’s the blog update? Nothing about me, the kids and the circus that’s our life? What good is that? Ha!!

I’m gonna give everyone the update. On cancer, kids, our trips and our life. This blog is to be a reminder that each day we should all love and live like rock stars. And while we do not quite do that, we are taking advantage of each day together and the time we have. Plus we all know I’m gonna croak first, so this can be a wonderful way for Jess to remember me by!!

Yes, we are so exited and pumped on her latest results. It’s one of those things you can’t completely celebrate but at the same time, you take every piece of good news and milk it for all it’s worth.

I’ve sad this over and over but she will be the miracle. From not knowing if she would see the holidays in 2013 to be really believing and having faith that we will watch our kids grow up and grow old together, the latest scan results were in itself a miracle. Jess had been having a little rough patch. Not just the physical but the mental. The daily grind. Brutal. You see the scans are “solid” but she is on a lot of pills, has a lot of pain and still gets blasted with that damn chemo.

But it’s her fight, her courage, her will that is amazing to me. And when she has her short moments of struggle, I’m there to pick her up. That’s my job. Oh and to eat all the crazy food she cooks. Yeah – 247 lbs and growing. No, getting big. Fat and happy. Just the way I like to be. But I’m really handsome for 247 lbs. Ok, enough about me.

So it’s with all these details that I tell you about our trip to Florida. We went the third week of May. The company I work for, Oasis Outsourcing, is headquartered in West Palm Beach. We just had our annual sales conference. Three days at the PGA. So awesome. And when I was done, I flew the girls down to spend the rest of the week. Jess’ grandmother has a place in Boca. Just awesome. It was so great to get away.

Hannah and Izzy had never been on a plane. All three of them did great. Got there, no issues. No drama. They sat by the pool on Wednesday as I was completing work. We spent a couple days and then shot up to Orlando to see Micky and friends. Jess’ friends the Chamberlain’s and Grady’s were there so it was just awesome. Got to Magic Kingdom, a Luau, and even had some pool time. Again, kids loved it.

It was definitely tough to spend so much time in Florida without my kids. Just can’t seem to get used to not having them with me every where I go. Truth is, something you just learn to accept. No other way around it.

As for my monkeys, they are doing well. Poor Justin has mono so I have not been able to keep him at the house. Jess gets mono and well, you can imagine. He should be ok shortly. Needs to get his license and get his summer hoops and workouts going. Big summer for him.

My Courtney is doing awesome as usual. Finishing school strong, killing it in lax and is ready for a big summer. Even she had been fighting the bug. Hope they get all this out of their system so we can hang a lot this summer.

On to the big trip!! Jess and I leave for Spain on Saturday. It’s one of those bitter sweet trips. Sucks to be leaving the kids, but with the last 2-3 years, no two people have earned this trip more than us. I’m so excited. Marbella, Spain. Three awesome tours planned. All the Oasis folks. Just crazy!!

Other than that, Hannah is completing T Ball this week, Izzy has her “Frozen” dance still on Saturdays, Courtney is all signed up for her 1st overnight hoop camp and Justin’s AAU hoop team (he couldn’t play) just captured the Mass State D1 title. Busy busy!!

Hope everyone is doing well out there.

June will be a circus month as well. Spain trip, kids getting out of school, my kids both have birthdays. So excited for summer.

Until then..loves!


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