Scott’s Entry – July 28th, 2014

So it’s my turn to blog. It’s Monday around 11am and it’s a chemo day. Jess is resting and getting her treatments while I punch away at work and handle our world. The sun is out, the world is awesome!!

Now before I run down Brookline Ave hugging and kissing everyone, which is certainly something I’m capable of, our journey will never end. She still has terminal breast cancer and will NEVER be done with treatment. She stops treatment and it will come back. It will be inside her every day, and anything could change with this, but for now, the treatment is working and keeping the cancer at bay. Just amazing.

I am so happy for Jess, for her kids, for our family. What really got me early on was how short of a life we MIGHT have together. It’s been one year since I got the “call” and our lives changed forever. Some of this wasn’t good, other parts, for me, anyways have been incredible. To recognize what you want and who you want to be with is such a rare gift. I’m so blessed to have found such an amazing woman. All I’ve ever wanted from my life is to be happy and with someone who wants to battle this “life” with me. Jess and I are a true “team” in every sense of the word!!

I was actually out last night, at a work dinner and got a chance to walk the streets of the North End for a bit. Got a change to thank God for how he has blessed me. With a crazy roller coaster ride these last few years, I was convinced God was playing a big joke on me.

But the truth is to test me, and to bless me all in the same story, I’m beyond thankful. To have met the woman of my dreams (except when she is yelling at me), and to find a way to spend the next 40-50 years together is all we want. We will have that dream. I’m convinced of it. Most likely not good for Jess, but she will have the make the best of it. Ha!

There are some things about my life I won’t ever be able to explain. Some are deep and personal and I won’t even put them on here. I will, however, be able to explain how I knew Jess would be ok. I knew. From how she is a fighter, to how smart she is, to how much she takes care of herself during all of this. I just knew. She is a miracle. She is my gift and my miracle. I just knew she would be ok.

We have learned to accept the good with the bad. We accept what we can’t change and have learned to live with it. We also know a positive attitude and true love can help with anything, so this is just the next step in our journey.

On the kid front, all is well. It’s been a crazy summer. Camps, running ragged, my work travel. Never stops and we love it. We have a week in Maine from the 9th to the 16th. Trying to get some family time before school starts. Should be fun!!!

Just a great day!!

Loves to everyone!!!

5 thoughts on “Scott’s Entry – July 28th, 2014

  1. Such AWESOME news!!!!!!!! Made me smile and my mom touched her heart with relief 💜💜💜💜
    Keep on doing what you’re doing!!!

  2. Great News for Jess, for you, for your family! Keep it up and this is no excuse to stop blogging…you both are way to inspiring, the rest of us need you!

  3. Scott, I so look forward to your blog. You make me laugh, cry and pray all at the same time! God bless all of you and grant you a long, beautiful life together! ❤

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