So, we met with the doctors today to review my recent scans. The last tumors that remained in my liver are no longer visible on scans. This is very exciting news as the liver was the primary target for my recent treatments. My liver is now sterile of tumors. My bones show treated tumors with no active disease. I am not cancer free but I am stable and there are no signs of new disease. For me and my type of cancer, this is huge news. I’ve seen people throw around the term “NED” which means “no evidence of disease”. My doctors don’t use this term because with metastatic breast cancer there is always cancer floating around in my body. The cancer is systemic and in my blood. They like to say that there is no progression of disease.  It is very exciting for us when the liver and bone cancer is not being seen on scans because it means that it is responding well to the treatment!  I still have the tumor in my right breast although it is much smaller and there are still lingering lymph nodes under both arm pits.  We did talk about the mastectomy today and I still need to wait before they will consider surgery. The main concern is the healing part. The condition my body and my immune system is at right now is not conducive to major surgery. If I continue this route, then I can have the breast surgery next year. She did talk to me about having my ovaries removed in a few months. I am on a drug right now that is shutting them off, so I can have the surgery in a few months, it would just be laproscopic and not too much for my body to handle and I could get off that drug. She did add a new infusion today called Zometa, this is for patients with bone metastases to help strengthen the bones because mine are quite weak right now with the treated tumors and also the chemo makes my bones weak. My liver functions have come back down although my bilirubin is still up. Still waiting to see where my tumor markers are at, but I will know those numbers tomorrow. All in all, we received wonderful news at this one year mark considering a year ago I did not have a very good prognosis. Thank you for all the love and support. The healing prayers are working! I will be back at it in 3 weeks and will continue to fight as hard as I have been to get to this point.
Lots of love!!!

7 thoughts on “update

  1. This is fantastic news! I’m so happy for you & your family. I will continue to have you in my thoughts & prayers! You are an inspiration to all of us with your continued strength and positive attitude!

  2. Jess
    I am at thee airport reading this and have goosebumps head to toe…I am so excited that all your hard work and effort is helping you manage your fight. I hope all our prayers helped some too….will keep praying. ..God bless you…

  3. I am so excited for you! This is great news!!! We will never stop praying for you through this journey! Love you and Scott and all the children!

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