Scott’s Entry – Fri, Aug 1, 2014

Ok kids. Just a quick blog tonight. It’s been a long week

It’s been a crap week. My poor Jess stuck in the hospital for what will be 5-6 days by the time she is done. Being in the hospital sucks. I know I’m stating the obvious but just awful. Sick people. Some so much worse than Jess. So many people alone. I won’t ever get that. We were in a room and the woman next to us, all alone for the most part. She was really struggling. Not just with her sickness, but she was really confused on where she was. Felt so bad for her.

Her son comes in, his boyfriend the next day and then really no one. They all stayed for a short amount of time and then left. How sad! I was hoping to see the son again, I was gonna say something to him. Jerk.

I would never leave my Jess alone. Truth is I wouldn’t leave anyone alone. Trust me, she hates being here. Isn’t exactly all smiles and happiness in here but wtf, you don’t leave the people you love alone. Especially when they absolutely need you. I say these are the times I earn my right to tell her “STFU” when we are arguing over the TV or cookies or some other mindless item.

Oddly we love some of this time together. We get to laugh and crap on each other.

As for my girl, we hope to go home tomorrow. She has Pneumonia. It’s funny to say, but it is ok. While very serious for someone like Jess, I am glad they know what it is, will treat it and she can get better. That was part of the issue. She had this fever and drop in counts, etc and no one knew why. Drove poor Jess crazy.

I have to make sure I mention all the folks at home. Taking care of the girls while we are here. Debbie, Michelle, Lisa. Just been incredible. Takes a village and we have a great one. My Dad came through for me as well. And I have to say I work for the best people. They have given me my space to take care of my family.

I also want to say thanks to everyone who has sent messages to us. So sweet. It means so much to Jess and has absolutely get her through this week.

Ok. I’m going to call it a night and hang out with sicky until she falls asleep.



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