Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ok, so this October has been much different than last year for sure! Last year, I was sooo sick! Bald and pretty much looked like the poster child for cancer and chemotherapy. I was still in a fog about what I was actually going through. I never realized breast cancer awareness was EVERYWHERE. Honestly, I hate to admit that I never realized it before. I see pink awareness ribbons everywhere and I love it. I belong to a few support groups for people living with Stage IV Breast Cancer and I have actually had to back out of a few because of the negativity. A lot of Stage IV survivors are angry towards PinkTober and where the money goes that is being raised with all the pink ribbons and everyone painting things pink. I personally think it’s great, while I admit I have learned a lot about awareness campaigns and percentages of monies that actually go towards research are sometimes sketchy. Any kind of awareness that gets people to be proactive about this is wonderful. A cure would be phenomenal. Cancer is no joke, it is not just about breast cancer. Cancer affects so many of us where at this point I think most people know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer. I wish I could make it stop. If this is so bad right now, I pray that research is being funded and heading in the right direction because I hate to think of what my kids worlds will be like when they get to adulthood.

I read a script that is going to be edited and collaborated with other people living with Stage IV breast cancer and then it will go viral and used for an awareness campaign. Its not pretty and it was really hard for me to read. I didn’t memorize it and when it was recorded it was pretty much the first time I had really read it. It’s just me, plain and simple reading some powerful words about my reality. It creeps me out a little but I am going to share it.

One thought on “Wednesday, October 8, 2014

  1. Hi Jess,
    Thank you for your thoughts on PinkTober. I lost my mom to breast cancer and believe me I don’t wait until October to think about her or breast cancer. It is sad to hear that it negatively would affect anyone, it is not what people are trying to do. My son, Zachary, never met his grand mother but he proudly wears pink whenever he can, pink socks while playing lax, we are getting the whole team to tape their hockey sticks pink – it truly is for awareness, maybe more so in October but always for us. I worry daily if I will share her fate. Thank you for always so willingly sharing your courage with some of us who are still strangers to you. Prayers are always coming your way and I look forward to the day when our family can meet you personally.

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