Scott K Leip – Nov 4, 2014

Well folks, it’s always great to post an entry when we have great results from the wife’s scans. So blessed to be typing this today. Amazing.

This battle has made me appreciate all the little things. Health, love, opportunity. Jess and I have found each other. A miracle I call it. God’s gift is what she is to me. Plain and simple. Poor Jess is screwed. Cancer and has a crazy SOB for a husband. I swear I don’t know what’s worse for her.

We sat at Beth Israel all day Monday. The day is so long. So brutal for Jess. Having to get poked and stabbed and praying the results are positive. Can you really imagine having to wait for a doctor to tell you the results? To tell you whether or not you’ll see your kids in 6 months, whether you can hold your husband, see you family and live your life? Maybe I’m lucky cuz I live so close to it every day. On the surface we have a very normal life. We work, focus on the calendar and the 2 million things the kids have. We pay bills. We fight and argue over date nights, quality time and all the rest of the usual bullshit.

Then I get locked in to the “results” and I know I’m so blessed to have Jess next to me. See, some of you reading this only know me. I’m the best, just ask me, but Jess is on another planet. She is everything a woman needs to be. Caring, tough, demanding, supportive. The whole package. I know she has to go through this, and she is exactly the type of stubborn SOB to change her diet, focus on the medical part, never letting it get her down. All of it. Oh and by the way, she raises two kids, 4.5 and 6, plus helps me with my two monkeys. Ya and cooks dinner every night, does all the laundry and keeps this guy happy as a pig in shit. Miracle woman is what she is.

I’m so thankful for all the messages, texts and positive thoughts everyone has sent. It means so much.

I usually post about the kids. Passing on that today. They’re all fine and happy and a complete pain in the butt and the reason we have no cash. But we wouldn’t change a damn thing about them.

My message today. Celebrate each day. Enjoy it. Love and play and work your ass off. Never know when it could change on a dime. Leip family, all 6 of us are blessed today and we will celebrate that.

Until next time..

Big Daddy Leip!!

3 thoughts on “Scott K Leip – Nov 4, 2014

  1. Wow, I love the way you write Scott! So happy for you guys, it sounds like your making the best of an awful situation. I am praying for you guys! Lots of strength! The cohens

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