Thanksgiving 2014

It’s 7am on a beautiful Thanksgiving morning. I’ve got so much to say that I have no clue how to get it all out.

It’s certainly a great day to reflect, give thanks and review what we are all blessed with.

Without question, our world is crazy. Everyone’s is these days. Four kids, their schedules, work, chemo, all of it. I think if we weren’t so happy it would be so overwhelming. For me, I’m in love with it all. So blessed to have the family I have. Blessed to get to watch the kids grow. Blessed to have the work opportunities. Blessed to come home each day to an incredible woman, partner and friend.

My thanksgiving post is absolutely possible because of my wife. Her love, loyalty and commitment to our family is just amazing. She embodies what this life is about. Tough, tender, smart, sexy – she is the complete package. I pray she continues to do so well with her treatments! She is the miracle!!

We all have so much to be thankful for, take the time, thank those folks.

Have a safe and wonderful day!!

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2014

  1. Scott, Jess and family,
    May you all enjoy and reflect on all the love your family holds. Your family truly fits the saying “When God gives you lemons make lemonade.” God bless you all. Happy Thanksgiving.

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