Happy New Year – 12/31/14

My goodness, my goodness. What a year!!!

No matter what, 2014 will always be a year I remember.

Yeah I’ve got a list of things I could bitch about. Child Support, crazy work situations, paying rent instead of a mortgage, my sick wife, my four nutty kids. Always something to complain about in any house if you look hard enough. Know what I mean?

Truth is, my life is a roller coaster. Always has been. Yes, ups and downs but here is what I’ve learned. It could be so much worse. I have my family with me. They are all pretty healthy, even Momma Leip who is fighting the fight of her life! On 12/31/14, we are all together and to me, I will absolutely take it. Part of me knows it’s my job to be there and keep it all together. Momma holds down the day to day but I’m the guy at 20,000 feet making sure we stay on the right path. Love my job. Love watching over my clan and no matter what I will always do what I have to for them. Incidentally, if I happen to run you over in the process, just know it’s not personal.

The flip side to my would be the worst. Losing my family is my only fear in this life. Less money, more or less drama, more money, I could care less.

You see, it’s time I desire. More time with the wife. More time to see my kids grow, more time to work to buy us the house we need. As long as God keeps giving me time, I will be so grateful for what HE has given me. I actually feel lucky to have my children and my wife. I know where I was in 2012 and I never thought I would be a where I am today. Lucky. That’s my middle name today. When my ego kicks in, I would argue I’ve worked my tail off to get back to here, but feeling humble today. I know how blessed I am.

In March I got my “gift” to marry me. How many of you really “know” my Jess? Chick is just amazing. Complete Wonder Woman, 100% sweet and can change the flat tire on her car while handling the four kids, chemo and anything else she gets thrown at her. I don’t know anyone who says a bad word about her? How could you? Oh and yes. I’ve made her so mad the stubborn, passive aggressive side has come out. It’s not pretty. Still, she is so cute when mad. Ha!

My man Pastor Frye and his lovely wife Stacy got bullied into moving mountains so we could have the ceremony. I figured she would back out. Figured she would come to her senses. I’m just a putz, divorced, two kids, no money and certainly a little different. So blessed to call her my friend, my wife. Just the best feeling to have someone you love, feel the same way and love you back. Warming and so comforting. That and the love for your kids is what this life is all about.

As for 2014, kids are doing well. Healthy. Being kids. Challenging us. Giving us moments to make us proud and moments to make us cringe. It’s what being a parent is all about. Taking it all in and having a chance to get better each and every day.

So we end 2014 with four kids, Cancer, debt, and so much gratitude and blessings. I’m not sure I would change anything. I have what I always wanted. A family to love and who loves me back. They can drive me crazy but I couldn’t live my life without them.

I want to wish everyone the best for 2015. Be grateful for what you have, work hard for what you don’t. Anything is possible with love and hope.

I pray for positive scans and my wife to stay on her current medical path. God can hand me anything he wants, just please keep my family with me. I will figure the rest out somehow, some way.


The Leip Clan!!