Happy Juice.

People ask me all the time about my juicing. I haven’t really followed a recipe book or program. I kind of just researched what I needed to put in my body and how I was going to do that ten fold. I mostly stick to green vegetables, leafy and cruciferous. I don’t use too much fruit. I eat fruit for the fiber, but I don’t really juice it. My little Izzy is a big fan of my green juices and we have fun making them together. She also loves the lemon/ginger fizz at Green Leaf and her and I frequent that establishment! Some of my favorite pictures of Izzy and her juice!



Sometimes it just matters what season it is and what I have in the fridge. As you can imagine, I use fresh, organic produce so I’m at WFM every other day.  In the Summer, my juices are much more creative because of my Farmers Market visits and my CSA.  This morning I made this delicious concoction, which is my “go to” because these ingredients are always available and fresh no matter what season it is.

A bunch of organic kale, 3 organic romaine hearts, a handful of organic parsley, a handful of hydroponic watercress (because its nearly impossible to find organic watercress), an organic English cucumber, a few organic celery stalks, a nice chunk of organic ginger and 2 organic lemons.  This gives me about 20 ounces of pure awesomeness and is like a little piece if heaven in my world.

unnamed (2)unnamed (3)

And in the afternoon, I like this easy one.

a full head of organic red cabbage, 6 organic celery stalks and 2 organic lemons or limes

1463948_10152784950187363_7975355606583604597_n (2)10488104_10152784924052363_4757904333586695769_n


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  1. Jess – although we have not met you are inspirational. Your inner strength, razor-sharp focus on your fight and truly living the value of family is palpable through your written words. There are so many lessons you are teaching your girls, Courtney & Justin, Scott – but also life lessons you are teaching everyone reading your blog. Prayers and strength to you. May this be a very blessed and miraculous 2015 filled with amazing tiny moments of joy.

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