Scans, chemo and tests. 

So, this has been a busy month. Two weeks after my surgery, I had my full set of scans…brain, bones, chest, abdomen. I (we) are happy to report that everything is stable. I do have axillary lymphnodes that are lighting up on both sides but not big enough to warrant any change in my treatment. So, I will continue the medication I’m on right now every three weeks until my next scans or/if anything changes. My blood counts are also looking good 🙂 

Stable is great and I will take that for as long as I can.  While there is no cure for me, stability gives me hope.  So….stable=great! 

I was concerned that there was going to be an issue accessing my port, post surgery. My doctors assured me that there would be no issue but of course I was nervous that the catheter inside my chest was tweaked and there would be no blood return. But, I have the best doctors, surgeons and chemo nurses so my chemo last week went without a hitch and my port works perfect. 

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