Surgery was on February 2. In a blizzard, of course. My awesome surgeons kept my surgery at 3 hours so I was able to go home that day! It’s almost a blur at this point, but I spent an entire week sitting on the couch. Literally. I had 5 incisions from my boobs to my belly and I was afraid to lie down flat because (I was afraid) I would not be able to get up with out splitting open an incision. So I slept in a sitting position for an entire week. Scott stayed on top of my pain meds so the pain was under control and that is partly why it seems like a blur. I’m happy to report, at this point, I’ve had several follow ups and everything looks good and my surgeries were successful. Keep in mind, these surgeries aren’t prolonging my life, they are making living with what I have to live with, easier in the long run. Less places for Cancer to go and also less estrogen for the Cancer to feed off since I have estrogen receptor positive Breast cancer. I also was able to get off of one of the drugs that was shutting off my ovaries because now they are gone! Surgeries=successful! This is one post that I won’t be posting pictures with because this is a family show 🙂

One thought on “Surgery 

  1. Great news to hear 🙂 glad things went well and you looked gorgeous at your Ellie fund event!!!! Yay for fewer places cancer can go and YA less estrogen 🙂 🍀💜💙❤️💛💚🍀

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