Scott’s Entry / March 2, 2015

Well folks, it’s been quite a while since I have posted. Life for everyone gets crazy and I feel pretty confident the world Jess and I live is even more so. 

I’m not so sure where to start. The kids I guess. Four of them. Hour doesn’t go by where I’m not thinking about what they are doing, what they need and what’s next for them. 

Izzy has been doing awesome in school. She is the beast. Youngest but so strong. So smart. She reminds me so much of her Mother. Looks like her Dad, but is absolutely Jess. Funny to watch them battle. Neither has ever lost a fight (or a starring contest). She loves her school, dance and loves when she gets to see Courtney and Justin. Got her ears pierced and didn’t bat an eye. Yup – that kid. 

Hannah is the family artist. Unbelievably talented. Definitely gets that from her Dad. She is so sweet and precious. Just like Jess. Absolutely beautiful and going to be a real problem for me when she gets older. No doubt about that. She led her Girl Scout troop in cookie sales. Kid is just the best. 

Courtney is almost 13. My little baby girl. A teenager. Jesus Christ. Where did the time go? She is so smart and absolutely Daddy’s little girl. I can’t wait to ruin some punks world in the next couple years. That should be fun. She is doing so well in school. Works so hard. Also becoming quite the hoop player. Playoffs start this weekend. Let’s go!!

Justin is off and running at Catholic Memorial. Been a crazy year for my man, but he is doing great and working hard. AAU hoops should be starting soon so it’s back to the lab and working on his spring season.  School is going well for him, SAT prep and all that fun stuff. Before we know it, he will be in college. Unreal how time flies. 

My Jess is well…she is my Jess. Pain and pain and yet finds a way to be living what appears to be a normal life. Church with the kids, meals made, house clean, keeping the husband in check. Quite a load she carries. 

I’m in awe of her. Always have been. She still remains a sweet, wonderful woman who I thank God every day for coming into my life.

I am feeling nostalgic tonight.  In 3 days, Jess and I celebrate one year as husband and wife. One year. Twelve months. So many ups and downs. Cancer scans. Huge. Smiles. Fights. Kids. Drama. Work. Life. It’s just an amazing time. Friggen tornado we are inside, no doubt about that. But so much to be thankful for. A future we are staring together. A house. That’s next. A mortgage. More debt. A place to call our own. I can’t wait. 

Oh and by the since my last post, Jess had two surgeries and another set of scans. All went so well. I hated the surgery. Sitting, waiting and praying all would go well. Same with her scans. All looks good. A daily battle for sure but so far so good. Stress baby. Another day in the Leip house. 

It would not be a proper blog update without mentioning the event that Jess and I attended. Black tie affair. Ellie Fund. Their annual Red Carpet Gala. And guess who was their guest of honor? Ya. Jessica Lee Leip. They came to our house and videotaped an interview. It was so well done. So tasteful, yet so emotional. So real. Being in front of tons of people or a camera isn’t my Jess’ cup of tea. And she just nailed it. Per usual with this chick. Her friends, nurses and even one of her oncologists got to attend. It was truly an amazing event. If you don’t know the Elie Fund, google it. Donate to it and if you know folks who can use some emotional and financial help when dealing with this monster, let them know!

I think that’s the uodate for now. Feeling more blessed than ever. Wife, kids, my life. I know I don’t deserve it. I know they are the gift I’ve been given and thank God for every day. Looking forward to the warm weather. Trips to Florida and Tahiti planned. 2015 is our year. 

Loves to everyone. 


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