NYC trip

As Scott travels to NYC every week with work, I pulled the girls out of school for a few days and we tagged along to go walk around my old stomping grounds, visit some awesome friends and take them to their first broadway and off-broadway shows.

rainy Times Square!
rainy Times Square!
First Broadway show!
First Broadway show!
FAO and the big piano, of course!
FAO and the big piano, of course!

2015-03-11 18.56.45 2015-03-11 19.15.12

Hope and Love.
Hope and Love.

2015-03-13 12.51.04

2015-03-13 20.12.16
Marielle and Izzy
2015-03-13 20.26.29
Marielle with the girls, Empire State in background.
2015-03-11 19.06.39
St. Patricks Cathedral.
2015-03-12 17.57.48
Scott, Hannah, Izzy and I at Madame Tussauds, so fun!
2015-03-11 19.10.37
attempt at getting Scott to take a picture of the 3 of us.
2015-03-11 20.42.58
dinner with Melissa!

2015-03-12 16.12.412015-03-11 19.12.492015-03-13 20.09.42

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