Long overdue..7/1/15

Hello my peeps…

I am so sorry we haven’t posted in so long. Jess has actually mentioned on several occasions how she is so upset that we haven’t posted. I, on the other hand, am not sorry at all. But with that said, we do owe everyone an upset on our tornado, so here it goes!

Where to start..ah – we bought a house. Yup, the two people who didn’t have 2 nickels to rub together 3 years ago when we met, actually found a way. Really isn’t that hard to figure out. Man has great job, works in an industry where companies need the help and value. Woman has the ability to love, support and motivate the man to go way beyond his “usual”. This isn’t rocket science. Ha! Oh and add in a huge level of karma and we bought an incredible home!

Part of me doesn’t want to talk about it. Part of me thinks I am dreaming. From where I was to where I am today. Joke. Incredible. Not even I, and I think I’m fantastic, would have imagined this. So proud of my wife, my kids, my family. I have said over and over, my family is my fuel. My reason for trying to be the best I can. Also the reason I spend so much cash. OMG, think of the cash I would have if I was single and no kids. Ha!! Big time at the Hard Rock in Vegas. Yup. That would be me!

So..on to other news. Wife is battling. I’m not supposed to say she is doing “great”. Wouldn’t be accurate. She looks amazing. Hair, all of it. Chick is on FIRE!! But she has cancer. Had chemo Monday. I know to keep it real on what the reality is but man, she fools us all. So tough. So strong. She hides her pain. Like an absolutely warrior, champion – fill in the blank. I’m so proud of her. 

My being proud goes way beyond that I married her. That just makes me smart. She is absolutely the best person I’ve ever met. She is so honest, so strong. It’s easily the most important message which we will leave to our kids. Momma was an animal and no matter what, she got it done, got it done with a smile and hugs and never used the cancer to not handle her business. Truth is, I’m in awe of her. Always have been. 

The kids are doing great. Like the proud Papa Bear..it’s just a joy to watch them all grow. Izzy just turned 5, she is her momma. Head strong, tough as nails, but also hugs me every day. Crazy combo. My Hannah, 6, reading, absolutely brilliant, reading everything in site. Courtney just turned 13, beautiful, smart, my little baby. Justin is now a man, 18, senior year coming up. So proud of him. Going to be an interesting year. 

Jessica will post a very detailed update but I wanted to kick it off. Summer 2015, a new beginning for the Leip Family. We feel so blessed. So happy. Grateful for everyone for all their support, love and well wishes they have sent us over the last 3 years. We thank you with everything we have!