March 17th, 2016 – Scott’s Entry

Happy St. Party’s Day everyone! I’ve got Some time on the train to NY this morning so thought I would post an update. 

Yes – it’s been forever since we posted. Why you ask? Cuz we busy! Ha

Life sometimes consumes you. Funny part of our life is, the better Jess feels, the more she tries to do. She has pain all the time. But her ability to push through and do what needs to be done – simply amazing. Always has been but it’s hard not to mention. 

So the Leip update…

Izzy – the power broker of the house. Smart as a whip, mental toughness like her mother and the ability to break someone down with just a look. I’ve said forever, I don’t worry about my Izzy. Well, I worry about her when her and Momma start WWIII, but that’s another story. 

She loves Kindergarden, her reading and writing is becoming SO good that now she comes in my office and corrects my “business”. Even when it’s not wrong! Little stinker. Loves taking the bus each day, her friends and her teachers adore her. She is Izzy, who wouldn’t??

Izzy also is taking Zumba classes at the Y and is all signed up for spring softball. I can’t wait to watch that. I wouldn’t exactly call Izzy “coach able” but we shall see. She is not in soccer or basketball like Hannah cuz she doesn’t want to sweat. Classic. 

Hannah girl is crushing life as usual. First grade is going so well. Reads and writes better than anyone I know (ah..Justin??). What amazes me about her is her ability to focus and concentrate on a task. House is full of us and it’s crazy and she can just sit and do her work. Such a great trait. Smart as a whip. 

She is in indoor soccer,  and yoga/basketball at the Y. This is where I see such a different Hannah this year. She wasn’t aggressive at all last season, so Jess put her in a skills clinic to help her gain confidence and become more aggressive. This winter she is playing indoors and I can’t get over her progress. Going after the ball, making plays – huge improvement. For someone who is so sweet to make that jump to being aggressive is so huge. It would be like asking me to be quiet – yeah – not gonna happen!! She is also loving the basketball skills and drills at the Y. Making jumpers and as a lefty, I know she will earn that big time D1 boat so I don’t have to pay for college. Hee hee..

Courtney, the illustrious 8th grader is almost done with middle school. She doesn’t come as often as I would like but I’ve learned to give her that needed space that teenage girls need. I went to the teacher conferences and most likely pissed off her teachers with my “this is a waste of my time” comments. Kid is a rock star in the class. Always does her work, always a top performer. She is just driven that way. Such a great trait! 

I will say what impressed me the most about Courtney when meting with her teachers is how helpful she is with the other kids. Each and every one of them told me how quick she is to help others and not just focus on herself. I don’t have to tell you how “selfish” I think this planet is to begin with so to get that feedback was just awesome. 

The Big Man, Justin just completed his senior season of HS ball. Winding down the entire HS experience (thank God!) and it’s been quite a ride. If you don’t follow me on FaceBook or Twitter, I am happy to tell you his team, Catholic Memorial won their league, the South Sectional title and played a great game at the TD Garden before losing to Cambridge last Monday night. He made All Star for the Catholic Conference and his play during the playoffs was just incredible. 

My Jess is well…battling. She has cancer. Always will. Easy to live the day to day and miss that about her. Scans are good, treatment is working, hair has even fully grown back. She gets up and lives her day like she doesn’t have cancer and all that pain. I get to see the pain, late at night, when she has over done it. I used to yell at her. “Take it easy, please”. She doesn’t listen. I get it. She is amazing. 

She volunteers at the school. Runs the girls Daisey troops. Yes – one for Izzy and one for Hannah. Trust me, as someone who ran countless basketball teams, took kids across the country playing ball, she does more for those Daisy troops than I did for my hoop kids. Crazy chick. Love that about her. 

Now the juicer. She has to juice. It’s her lifeline. Most of you know she completely changed her diet and lifestyle when this all went down. Juicing is right at the top of that list. We go and purchase all of Whole Foods – yes, we are VIP there. She comes home and does the 60 min prep work required and then squeezes the life out of the vegetables. Quite the process but so essential. Anyways, her juicer was on its last legs. Needed a new one. She got the MOTHER of all juicers. Commercial style, 70 lbs. My 1st car cost less than this animal. She has used it twice and it’s a keeper. 

Anywho..I think that’s the update for now. Day to day. How we live. Trying to appreciate the time we have together. I know we are only at the beginning of our journey, especially cuz she doesn’t trust me to do most things on my own…


Until next time. Xoxo



2 thoughts on “March 17th, 2016 – Scott’s Entry

  1. Love the update 🙂 sounds like everyone is doing well 🙂 Glad to hear good news about scans and I’m sure Jess is excited about the new juicer! Sounds awesome.. you are amazing Jess! Keep it up.. I don’t know how you do it 🙂 And Scott- keep making her laugh and helping her when she has pain 🙂
    Glad to read the update 🙂

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